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Life Hacks to go from Retired to ReLaunched

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

A life hack is a trick, shortcut, or skill that solves a problem in a clever or not-so obvious way. Here are some life hacks that you can use to making your ReLaunched lifestyle more fun and less expensive.

Rent the Vacation Home Have you always wanted to purchase a vacation home? It really sounds wonderful to think about that escape to the White Mountains while in the middle of a heat wave! Owning a second or vacation home carries significant expenses and upkeep... not to mention the occasional call about a tree down, break-in, or other problem. Can your nest egg keep up with these unexpected expenses? Consider freeing yourself of the costs, stress, and responsibility by renting someone else's place for a few months instead of paying for it all year round. Not only can this save you money, it also offers you the opportunity to keep things interesting by changing your getaway location every few years.

Shift Your Holiday Celebrations Do you have a large or a blended family? Are you challenged with making everyone you love happy with the number of times you visit with them? Well, who says you have to participate with holiday events on the holiday? How about celebrating a week or two early? For example, if you can’t spend Thanksgiving on the East Coast and on the West Coast at the same time, how about celebrating the same Thanksgiving weekend as the Canadians (2nd weekend in October) as well? By spreading out your family celebrations, you can avoid the stress and truly enjoy quality time with your family. And you can save money too as turkey prices seem to climb near Thanksgiving, candy costs more near Halloween and Easter, and late shoppers often pay premium prices during the Christmas rush.

Set Price Saving Alerts Many investors have learned the benefits of setting price alerts for stocks they own or are considering buying. A similar option is available at many travel sites including, and Simply set air and hotel price alerts for various places you are interested in visiting to maximize savings while crossing off important places you want to see and experience. In addition, if you do even some of your shopping online, you can save money by setting up alerts on Google as well as Amazon so you will be notified of a price drop on an item you are interested in purchasing.

Stay Connected When was the last time you received a physical party invitation, engagement or birth announcement, let alone break-up or divorce call? Reality is, many invitations, announcements, and relationship status updates have moved to social media. Even high school reunions are arranged online through Therefore, if you don't want to be out of the loop and the last person to know and see everything, consider opening an account on a social media app like Facebook and LinkedIn to stay connected with family and friends, as well as current or former work colleagues and industry trends.

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