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Here's What They Are Saying

All of us are in a transition at some point. Some are ready for it and others are not. Retirement and the choices that come with it can be daunting.  Jan engaged with me to help me think through my next steps after retirement.  She thoughtfully guided me to a point where I realized I wasn't ready.  I had quite a few personal issues, including the care of an elderly parent. It was a wakeup call and relief to know the time wasn't right.  Jan gave me the permission to take a step back. She helped me to open that space and awareness and will be there for me when the time is right.

D Cherry

“I needed this years ago.  Thought-provoking, insightful.  Thank you so much – you opened my eyes!”

“Planning for retirement is not just financial.  It’s about finding your purpose”

About The Planning Sessions

 “Eye-opening & fun!”

“Puts things in perspective and somewhat reduced my anxiety.  There is hope to my retirement plan”

“Honest, fresh way of thinking, planning for retirement”

About The Planning Sessions

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