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Redesigning Retirement

Have you ever taken a major trip? Perhaps you traveled to Europe. Or climbed into your RV for a lengthy road trip. I recently went on a rather significant journey overseas. This trip was originally scheduled to take place before the pandemic and, like so many plans a couple of years ago, it was postponed. Over the course of those two years, we knew we would still take the trip, we just did not know when. Just as vacation travel involves satisfying your curiosity and interests, so does your retirement, however you define it (see my blog “Redefining Retirement”). The fun comes with designing this journey to include what you need, what you want, and creating new experiences. Let’s break this down into three separate phases:

1. Anticipation & Preparation

2. Packing for the Journey

3. Experiencing a ReLaunched Life

Anticipation and Preparation

Anticipating and planning for retirement is very similar to the anticipation, planning and preparation for a trip. What does anticipation of a significant trip look like for you? Do you explore potential destinations? Make sure you have enough in your budget to cover costs? Do you like to plan on your own or work with a travel agent?

After you decide where to go, you need to determine when to take this trip. When air travel is involved researching the airline and ticket prices and ensuring there is transportation and lodging at your destination provide the necessary details to your itinerary. And you do not want to forget to purchase travel insurance to protect your investment should the unexpected arise to force you to change your plans. Imagine how you feel once your plans are in place! The excitement of getting away for a while, perhaps exploring a new city/state/country.

Similarly, as you anticipate shifting to what lies beyond your career, allow yourself to dream of exploring new places, discovering new interests, developing new friendships while deepening relationships with others, and learning more about yourself. This is also the ideal time to engage with a lifestyle retirement coach who is skilled in helping you find clarity and develop strategies supporting this shift.

Packing for the Journey

The big day is almost here, and it is time to pack your suitcase. What will you need to take with you as you embark on your new adventure? As with any trip, your post-career lifestyle should begin with a map that will guide your way. This map should include what your new daily routine might be, what you will do to create new friendships and strengthen relationships, activities that will broaden your sense of purpose and the new roles you will take on. Also remember to take an umbrella to protect you when an unexpected storm breaks out. Life has a way of tossing detours and surprises along the way. Embracing a mindset of resilience will enable you to weather these storms. The better prepared you are, the easier it will be to navigate. Do you have all that you need for this journey? Your retirement coach will partner with you to make sure you are ready.

Experiencing a ReLaunched Life

Let your adventures begin! The great news is that there are no hard and fast rules at this stage. Discover the new you. Begin that exercise routine you did not have time for when you were working. Make new friends and strengthen long-held relationships. Explore new places. Learn for the sake of learning. Apply your strengths where they are needed as a volunteer or in a new career. Along the way, you will find you are realizing your life purpose. You have shifted away from being retired to ReLaunched!

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