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Here's What They are Saying:

"If you are thinking about retiring within 12 months, or have recently retired, you will find something helpful in this book."

"The Fine Print of Retirement is a thoughtful and insightful review of the challenges and potential self-imposed obstacles retirees may face as they transition from their careers into retirement. Each retirement coach provides a different perspective on how recent and upcoming retirees can manage their transition from focus on career to focus on self-discovery. I recommend this book to anyone curious about how to start planning for retirement and for those who are looking for additional ways to enjoy retirement."

"Just finished your chapter in the new book. I love your title. We all need to Dare Mighty Things in our 3rd Act years. I love the concept of the 4S Umbrella with Structure, Socialization, Sense of Purpose and Status. I would love to use this concept in my coming University Retirement Class. It is simple to understand and covers the highest areas of focus in retirement. I also love your term RELaunch Life. Great Job" - S. Wrigley

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