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How to Stay Connected in a Disconnected World

Like everyone else, I found myself at home A LOT this past year. Cancelled are my outside appointments and regular visits to the gym. Oh, how I miss the gym!

What are you missing right now? I suspect everyone has a different response. Maybe it’s that trip to visit the grandkids. Or your monthly book club meeting. Or church. The list likely goes on and on.

And many of us are finding ways around all of this. Thank goodness for the internet! Had this pandemic swept the world in the 90’s or earlier, imagine how isolated we would all feel! Fortunately, many of us are staying connected through social media and applications such as Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype. Those of us who are digitally connected, that is. I feel so very grateful to have these resources available to me.

Yet I cannot help but consider the many who are not connected because they do not have the financial and technical resources. Many of these are the elderly who must stay in their homes or living facilities. Some may be the homeless. And others may be living day-to-day and have no access to technology with all the libraries closed. Imagine how scary these times are for them!

How can you or I make a difference for these folks while observing social distancing. A couple of my thoughts are:

· Send a card (can be homemade) to an assisted living facility to be posted for the residents

· If you have samples of soap, toothpaste, etc. – place in plastic bags and toss to a homeless person. Could even include a note of encouragement and location of local homeless shelters.

What would you add to this list?

What do you commit to doing to increase connections in your world?

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