Workshops & Seminars

From Retired to ReLaunched


Retirement is possibly the most complex and challenging of life's developmental passages. As we make this transition, we may miss the sense of structure, social connection, status, purpose and identity that we experienced in the workplace. In this fun, creative and interactive session, learn what to expect and how to begin successfully navigating this critical life stage as you:

  • Gain awareness of those aspects of retirement that go beyond the dollars and cents

  • Develop clarity on your attitude toward retirement

  • Begin to build a strategic plan toward a meaningful and fulfilling retirement

  • Understand how coaching can facilitate your path into retirement



Here's What They Are Saying


“I needed this years ago.  Thought-provoking, insightful.  Thank you so much – you opened my eyes!”


“Planning for retirement is not just financial.  It’s about finding your purpose”


 “Eye-opening & fun!”


“Puts things in perspective and somewhat reduced my anxiety.  There is hope to my retirement plan”


“Honest, fresh way of thinking, planning for retirement”



We are here to help you to go from retired to ReLaunched!

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